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  1. Here is the photo:
  2. Of what server are you talking about?
  3. In the forums ALWAYS in english and if you want an ACv2 update, please make a topic in Network Suggestions.
  4. Punished! T/C.
  5. User punished! T/C.
  6. Users punished! T/C.
  7. User already banned. T/C.
  8. User banned for 1 hour. T/C.
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  12. In my opinion, the only thing that is doing "eudita" is making a hole in front of the wool for make more difficult the entry of the enemys. If you have more eviedences that he's trolling with TnT, please post it.
  13. User warned. T/C.
  14. No problem. T/C.
  15. Punished! T/C.