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  1. Hb Spawn

    Moved to Complaints. If you don't edit the topic it will be ignored.
  2. Hb spawn

    Moved to Complaints. If you don't edit the topic it will be ignored.
  3. I do not remember my password

    As Mainblast said, if you want a password reset yo have to do it here using the correct template. T/C.

    User punished! Next time, try to upload the screenshots on imgur.com. T/C.

    Users punished! You didn't know that bug abuse it's illegal? Why you tried if you know that it's illegal? I think that you tried to do the wool bug for see if it's still working but as you probabily know, check if a bug still working it's illegal, because for check a bug you have to do it (logic). In conclusion, you may didn't did it with bad intention, but bug abuse it's illegal. Yes we have, but as Jimmel said, only the staff has acces to it. And if you want to add a bug the only thing that you have to do it's make a post on Server Problems and if we don't know it we are going to add to our list, but you have to know that the staff knows most of the bugs that the server have and before posting a topic talking about a bug that you found it, talk wfirst with an staff member because probably we already know. T/C.
  6. Griefed Again!

    Users punished! I can see that you already removed the lava so I only banned the two players. T/C.

    Users punished! T/C.
  8. Report - CTW

    User punished! T/C and moved to complaints.
  9. Report

    User punished! Remember that you have to do the reports in complaints section. T/C and moved to complaints.
  10. Report

    It's totally imposible to see that one player is using a hacked client with fast bridge with only one screenshot. Next time try to do more or record it. And remeber that the reports have to go to complaints, no to server problems. User not punished. T/C and moved to complaints.
  11. Griefing

    True, he put lava around your house, but he cannot get banned because he didn't do anything illegal, place lava in no protected areas it's totally legal. I'm going to connect now and I will try to remove all the lava. T/C. Edit 1: If he do it again I'm going to remove all his prots.
  12. Report of pestels

    Can some forum moderator move the topic to Inffinity Evolved.
  13. Report

    Punished! T/C.
  14. REPORT - CTW

    Users punished! T/C.
  15. New Rule, New Mode - SkyWars

    But the sence of play with overpowerd chests it's that the game it's faster and dynamic than the normal mode. I don't think that it could be a good idea reduce the chance of getting them and puting a cooldown. But it's only my opinion .