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  1. Problem solved T/C
  2. *BUMP*
  3. likeaboss

    For command request, please make another post with following template: Thank you.
  4. Hawaiian pizza is best
  5. Account Name: G_G_Marvel Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful) 1x Ring of Aesir Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 10:20 GMT +2 21/June/2017 Description of Issue: Someone who's IGN is It0g asked me for help. I went to the end and went afk for few minutes because of family meeting. After I came back, I was dead and my grave was stolen. I was sure who did this is AciiSwag. I am not telling you that pvping and taking someone's stuff is illegal. I was trying to help someone. Thankfully, most of my items were sounbounded, but I noticed I was missing something really important, ring of aesir. I also lost other stuffs but I can craft or get it again, but not the ring of aesir. Evidence (optional, but highly recommended): I dont have screenshot, but I have It0g and Kvittaz as witnesses.
  6. Talked to the player in game, fixed. T/C
  7. brunyman

    Problem solved. T/C
  8. brunyman

    I talked with him and he said that he does play on SkyFactory2 server, not Tekkit server.
  9. brunyman

    Ok. I will tell this thing to boulanger29 on discord. It may take time.
  10. brunyman

    Then there is possibility that he made mistake and bought tekkit sponsor rank, not the skyfactory one since he do not understand english very well.
  11. brunyman

    This problem is about Tekkit for sure. I have to talk to boulanger29 in order to get more information about this problem.
  12. Please rewrite this topic in rank transfer section with template provided.
  13. Hello. I am not in Tekkit staff team, but I was the only one who can understand what he says and communicate with him. His IGN is boulanger29. He is currently experiencing some problems. First, he did not received his rank after his donation. According to his email he received after purchase, he bought sponser+ rank. He didnt get his rank even two hours passed. Second, the reason why I am posting instead of him is that he is having issue with his forum account. He said that when he try to join forum, he has severe lag with his account. I attach his payment confirmation e-mail shared with us to make sure he paid. Hello boulanger29, Thank you for your purchase! This email confirms that we have received your payment and you should receive your items soon. If you do not receive your items in the next 10-15 minutes, please contact a member of staff on our server. Please do not email Mojang or Buycraft. Purchased packages: • 1x Tekkit Sponsor+ Information: • Sub Total: 69.99 EUR • Tax: 0.00 EUR • Total: 69.99 EUR • Gateway: PayPal • Transaction ID: 0BJ76138T15673025 • Username: boulanger29 • Date: 18th June 2017 19:45
  14. Problem solved. T/C
  15. Hello, I recently saw someone bought bound armour from market and having pvp with other person. It seemed 'ok' but he died almost instantily. I noticed that he did not own blood orb and did not know about what soul network is. Most of magic mods, at least mods I know require player to make or perform certain item or ritual. Some people who do not know mods very well buy end-game(or mid-game) items off market. So I suggest to not sell such thing at least on market with reason mentioned above. Edit: Not 'instantly' but 'quite quickly then expected'.