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  1. as tekkit main doesn't get updated anymore i highly doubt it...
  2. please use this template and make it again in the Tech support tab.
  3. cleaned up a lot of it myself, it just keeps coming back...
  4. Account Name: RandomNukes Town name: / Character name : NuclearInc. (mystcraft dimension, ID: 25724) Coordinates: -403 70 -614 (in the mystcraft world) Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: Monday june 12th 2017 Description of Issue: someone managed to get into the world (possibly by breaking into my base, passing multiple closed doors and getting into the portal) and griefed my entire base. everything was gone, so if this could be rollbacked that'd be very helpful. Thanks in advance, ~ Nukes, Tekkit helper. Screenshots:
  5. Account Name(you): RandomNukes Town name in question(case sensitive): Aethos Coordinates: -3718 64 -1256 Town members: Xxkillguy32xX Reason for request: Town has been inactive for over a month and I need a place to live (it used to be my island but i gave it away to Xxkillguy32xX when i moved base). most of the island has to be regenerated to it's original state due to quarry holes, not just the claimed areas. (another town has set up on the other side of the island, but they have only been inactive for 21 days so i'll request to have that removed later) Thanks! ~ Nukes Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  6. items recovered. no refund needed. scratch that. miscommunication. refund still needed.
  7. Very strange indeed. I don't know about them completely dissapearing, but i do know about the common problem of them losing their upgrades once put up on the market. The market works with the default items, so once updated inside the market (for example during server restarts) they lose all their upgrades. This could also be the cause of them being deleted completely. however i am unsure what you want us to do, if you want a refund request you'll have to fill in this template:
  8. Challenge accepted. I love these!
  9. Let's not forget i made the mountains, rivers and forest , but i do really like how the rest came along!
  10. yes it is, however, i don't think unoriginal jokes are punishable...
  11. you might want to check that link, it doesn't seem to work for me
  12. I've seen Bbelliot do this earlier on in the day aswell, and the day before... this is not something he did just once
  13. + they will re-appear once you go into lava, for some reason it does not destroy them completely...
  14. please add [Refund Request] infront of the title so it's easier to find
  15. there is a bug with the market mail signs facing the exit of the shops, if you use the signs on the sides, it should work. the exit facing ones don't load their inventory properly (you can see this because there's also no option to sort the mail, which is the case even if you have nothing in your mail)