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  1. Opinion On the Wipe not Happening

    the wipe is already approved, we're currently in the process of fixing bugs. once that is done there will be a date for the wipe, just be patient.
  2. Tekkit server emergency!

    Issue solved. No help needed. T/C
  3. Unban Request MMD

    because you have a massive record.
  4. Unban Request MMD

    depends on who it is. if it's zombiegamer it'll be invalid
  5. Unban Request MMD

    Saying you duped items in public chat is not a smart thing to do, even if you're just joking. Also because you were hanging around with someone who has a long record of duping, it still could be the case. Unless you can prove that you were not duping, the ban will stay. Consider this a good oppertunity to think about it.
  6. Unban Request Zombiegamer278/MMD

    With your duping history and prior hints towards having duped items we can't know. If you're really innocent proof it here. Untill then the ban stays@Zombiegamer278
  7. I cant find my town!

    Unfortunatly we can't find towns with just the name... do you have any screenshots of the coords, waypoints or homes?
  8. Question about a rule

    This is a good matter to bring up. Yes it could pose threats as in some way you database player's info, but on the otherhand it could be a great community thing. As it's just a name with a random number (seperare currency) i don't see any issue with it. It might even be something that could improve the economy...
  9. crashing

    Either by buying them, or, well, duping... Investigation ongoing.
  10. [Girl Spamming Swear words/ harassing] (AyeUndead)

    Will take care of it ASAP. Thank you for your report! ~Nukes
  11. complaint Rickjehh, DGK_YT, and Ksury

    Alright, i'll do that once i log on again. Thanks for the report!
  12. RandomNukes' House

    Ohh a fountain, ofcourse! I needed something for infront of the house. Thanks!
  13. complaint Rickjehh, DGK_YT, and Ksury

    @BigMan5208That might be so, but i didn't find anything at his base and your screenshots didn't prove anything about ksury either... i can't ban someone without proof.
  14. RandomNukes' House

    So this is my base. Keep in mind this is still a WIP so there will be things added or changed. The outside: The basement (Workplace): The ground floor (the living room and kitchen): First floor (bed- & bathroom): Tell me what you think of it so far! ~ Nukes
  15. Broke Item didn't drop

    In that case, as it's a mistake by the player and not due to a bug, the item will not be refunded by staff... but maybe a fellow player would be willing to donate it.