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[Unban Resquest]


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Hello I was banned by mistake I put ban evade, and in reality it is not ban evade I just bought a ditch Sposnor + and the other did not use it anymore (The other was not ban) and the Staff ItsIsma29R banned me

[1] en el juego Nombre de usuario: 


[2] Los detalles de la situación:

Banned for no reason

[3] Categoría Ban: 


[4] Ban Duración:

9 Days

[5] Miembro del Personal:  


[6] Imágenes:


[7] Su Motivo:

In the ban says that I banned by multi-thread but the account of iHistory36 was not ban the same the ban, if they want to check in bans netword, I ask that they unbutton me because that is not usto

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