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  1.   porque no actualizan asesino V2? podrian mejorar la armas  nuevos encantamientos  como poner diamantes para comprar las armas  nuevas cosa pls  si le parece  repondame porfa

  2. Hi, use command //drain to remove liquids, just don't use it on a large scale. Do you still need that prefix color change?
  3. Bruny could you please look at my post on WA General?

  4. rollback complete
  5. rollback complete
  6. rollback complete
  7. rollback complete
  8. all fixed, sorry for the trouble
  9. permissions granted, use worldedit on small areas at a time. All commands are logged, any abuse will result into losing all additional perks without being able to get them back in the future.
  10. double post
  11. permissions granted, use worldedit on small areas at a time to prevent lag
  12. Hi, I checked for the last 8 June backup and the base is still destroyed
  13. Can you join now? I checked your current location and seems fine
  14. likeaboss

    Thanks for support, prefix set.
  15. hey man can u look my command request post? i really dont want it to be ignored.