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  1. Hello, I have left my grave for a while just to ask where this 100K number comes from. If it's true... Damn boy, you need to meet real people See you somewhere else. EDIT: My comprehension skills are on strike today... That's the TOTAL forum messages, not Nukelar's amount...
  2. arena

    If I ever play Tekkit, I tend to stay away from people not in Nukelar's base... I hardly ever play, though.
  3. I meant coding as programming, do you also do that? It feels so great when the block you created works like you expected!
  4. I tend to do different things based on how I feel that specific day: Play Minecraft (CL's DW20 server). Attempt to fix computers I have. Build electronic circuits. Mess with the secondary computers I have, testing different OSes, enabling keyboard and mouse sharing... Write code for a Minecraft test mod. I will then use it as a template. Go to my high school and fix the broken computers that are there. Read and/or watch random stuff. Chat with people on Discord. (I am in 14 servers...) Or simply stare at my computer screen doing nothing
  5. Ooooh, quagma-sama wrote a presentation! It's wonderful, just like him!
  6. I do remember you... I used to go with the username Th3Fanbus
  7. Location: A pit in hell
    Does that mean you live inside me? :D

    1. craftyguy23
    2. craftyguy23


      come on cl, you make chat fun


    Thanks for understanding!

  9. I love how giant does your profile picture look like on forums :P

  10. Open the image link, then right-click on the image and select Copy Image. After that, come back to the area where you write the messages and paste it. It ends up like this:
  11. For non-Spanish speakers, this is the translation: The user OliverBossHD has hacked my account with username KayoZz_G Please help me (I am Premium+)
  12. So I cannot give my opinion on an issue that also affects me? *writes a line on the what-not-to-do notebook* Sorry.
  13. Sorry if I confused you, I used them on DW20. Editing the original post.
  14. DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion, do not take my word for it! As far as I remember, ItemRestrict uses numeric ID's that change from modpack to modpack. I don't know if brunyman changed them or not, but it could be that. I have used the Bound Blade as well as the Bound armor on DW20 (it's similar to FTB IE so things can be ported over) and they are safe. I don't see any reason for them to be restricted. DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion, do not take my word for it!