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  1. Awesome, +1
  2. como andas todo bien

  3. Report

    So the post don't have any proof, the post can't have importance T/C Topic Closed (Lack of proofs)
  4. Report

    I don't see anything, the enderpearls are allowed on CTW T/C Topic Closed (Insufficients Proofs)

    Thanks for the Reporting , users Punished
  6. Report CTW

    Users punished, Thanks for reporting T/C Topic Closed

    User Punished Thanks for the report T/C Topic Closed

    Thanks for the report User punished!
  9. Advertising

    User Muted, thanks for the report
  10. REPORT / CTW

    Thanks for the report, user punshe T/C
  11. Why Prohibited he spawnkilling in ctw?

    T/C Topic Closed you forget to close the topic 'zeng'
  12. REPORT | CTW

    WOW, Nice report Thanks! AND COLORFULL
  13. Rank on Ac v1 resetted (for ArisPvP_gr)

    *Bump* He said me that don't have the rank
  14. Happy birthday baby! 13 years old!!! :-)

    1. PandaSwag_


      Thanks bro :))

    2. PandaSwag_


      14 years old*

  15. Hb spawn Law for all_____ hb spawn ley para todos

    And you need to know that if the staff member can't see the HB its impossible to ban him, cose if me ban the user xTayxon, and he make a unban request he win and its my fault cose on the pic you can't see the HB Undrenstand that jaisson, please ps: Sorry for unlook the post but i see the necessity to explain that, Thanks Cuadroto