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  1. All punished Thanks for reporting T/C Topic Closed
  2. Punished! Thanks for reporting T/C Topic Closed
  3. Punished! thanks for reporting T/C Topic Closed
  4. ¿And what scam? i don't see anything (I'm spanish speaker)
  5. Punished, Thanks for the reporting T/C Topic Closed
  6. Nice Job Bruny !
  7. I don't see anything, Daniel is clear cuz if you're ablaze on the texture pack apear fire but i don't see here fire, i think that insufficient evidence T/C Topic Closed
  8. Can you give a good prof or a itemlist that you Lost
  9. If you don't understand you can check this topic, T/C Topic Closed And user Punished Translation Si tu no entiendes como reporta puedes mirar el siguiente post , T/C Tema Cerrado y usuario Castigado
  10. Punished , can anyone close this topic? Thanks !!
  11. oye banea a kals porfavor

  12. So, User punished Thanks for the report T/C Topic Closed
  13. The ban stays! This is the final decision of Adrian T/C Topic Closed
  14. poll and vote

    +1 Delete this kit