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  1. My ign is Carajocomer and I have the e-mail of buycraft, do I send it here?
  2. I used to have a premium rank in assasin's before I left staff in early 2016. I bought on june of 2015, i think it was the 28. I was wondering if I could get it back. Thanks.
  3. Proof:
  4. The video proves nothing, since you could delete any proof of the client as you had mc closed. There are clients for 1.10, there are clients for 1.10 since it was out. Idk why everyone thinks there arent. If you want I can link one here.
  5. I was inside the spawn, not even close to the red line. And if over the red line its still inside spawn. No matter if I was close or not, just dont use HB inside spawn. If you want the topic to be reopened pm me. Denied, T/C
  6. Bug

    Make a topic here for that.
  7. Actually I dont have proof, ran out of disk space while recording. Same with TierraMC ban, blame action. A higher rank staff must take care of this situation. All I can say is that you looked really strange, also when I runned inside spawn you entered too and you continued aiming me and hitting me inside of spawn. It really looked like hacks.
  8. Please write in your native language, i think its spanish. Escribi esto en español, asi nos es mas facil ayudarte.
  9. Incredible. Its awesome. You very good building, congrats .
  10. 835 KDR on ac, 835 kills 1 deaths.

  11. 834 KDR on ac, 834 kills 0 deaths.

  12. Please Rewrite this in your native language, (Which I think is spanish). Por favor reescribilo en español.
  13. Welcome!