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  1. Report

    I don't see any proff to punish Elpro (If you have the proof pm me) but thanks for the reporting, and sorry for the delay T/C Topic Closed
  2. Report

    Please guys don't swear on forums and @MeJorge try to do small reports, is to difficult to see those reports... And sorry for the delay, is my error and i know, And thanks for the report, users punished but see your proofs not all the users made fouls T/C Topic Closed
  3. HB in Spawn // ACv1 // ReDGH0STYT

    Is clear for me ZengZ, thanks for the reporting and sorry for the delay T/C Topic Closed
  4. HB in spawn #3 - Ac v1

    User Punished, thanks for the report T/C Topic Closed
  5. Report

    Hi, sorry for the delay, and thanks form the reporting useres punished And i dont see any proof of Quiroga if you have the proof, Pm me T/C Topic Closed
  6. HB in Spawn 7th Offense // IPedrito // ACv1

    User punished, thanks for the reporting (Sorry for the delay) T/C Topic Closed
  7. Swearing/Caps/Spam // iTomiiCBA // Skywars

    Sorry for the delay, User muted, thanks for the reporting T/C Topic Closed
  8. Blowing Up Teammates // iiTzPaquin_ // CTW

    Sorry for the delay, user punished and thanks for the reporting T/C Topic Closed

    The only think that i want to say is sorry, and i don't want to give excuses but i get in trouble in a personal problem, and i know that this is not a reason to don't enter on the server, so, that are the reason to i want to say to all the community sorry... I think that all the reports solved http://prntscr.com/gzktbo For today i can't do more, sorry guys, and sorry for my delay on the forums...

    Hi thanks for the reporting T/C Topic Closed User Punished
  11. Howdy folks!

    Waffleeeeeeeeeeeeee, welcome backkkkkkk
  12. UNBAN

  13. UNBAN

    Hi, I see your home and you had 10 diamond pickaxe with the same durability I don't know if when you are breaking blocks you stop on the same durability... for my lack lucky i lost that video so you get the unban, have a great day, See you soon! (But take care with those things, i know that one sponsor duplicate a lot of items for you...)
  14. UNBAN

    Hi, so if you want answers or an unban you MANDATORY need to follow this template, if you don't edit the post, the post will not taking into consideration, have a good day, Cya!
  15. trolling pure

    Ok, so, Hi! how are you? I think that you have insufficient evidence to ban him, (I'm not saying that i will close the report) i will request help with the Network Staff to judge this but for the moment i can't see that the users made that are you saying ¿And you think that this is a mature behaivor? https://imgur.com/a/oDy3f Take care with those things