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  1. Team Troll CTW #2

    Thanks for the report, user punished http://www.craftersland.net/networkbans/info.php?type=ban&id=12273 T/C Topic Closed
  2. Unban TDB_AlexMcking

    Is not necessary that you test the bugs, that is the work of the staff members and the Ice Map bug is one of the biggest bug error on CTW, i think that you know about that bug, and you know perfect that Is a Bug abuse to make that T/C Topic Closed Ban stays
  3. BIG REPORT ( Im Back )

    OMG, Thanks for report but try to make small reports like 3 or 5 guys not 21 .-. but really thanks all the guys punished but you don't have sufficients proofs to punish the user "Steampunk_Gears" (If you have more proofs pm me ) T/C Topic Closed
  4. [ACv1] Bug Abuse #22

    Relly, Relly, sorry for the delay , user punished and @_ItsWolfie_ You have all the reason http://www.craftersland.net/networkbans/info.php?type=ban&id=12248 T/C Topic Closed
  5. Unban

    https://imgur.com/a/0eG48 ¿This is not your teammate? He have all the reason is ilegal and this is the reason of the ban stay's @_ItsWolfie_ T/C Topic Closed ban Stays
  6. REPORT - Spleefing team.

    Thanks for the report user punished http://www.craftersland.net/networkbans/info.php?type=ban&id=12247 T/C Topic Closed

    Sorry but that is not a true, the think is that i live in colombia and the time zone is different (gtm-5)... you think that i don't spend time on this server? for example is the first time that i see you on Forums and that don't say that you are innactive... please don't affirm all, say "I think" or something like that, no "Those are innactive" and ZengZ is the same, he live on Chile... the time zone is the same of colombia...
  8. Report

    I don't see any proff to punish Elpro (If you have the proof pm me) but thanks for the reporting, and sorry for the delay T/C Topic Closed
  9. Report

    Please guys don't swear on forums and @MeJorge try to do small reports, is to difficult to see those reports... And sorry for the delay, is my error and i know, And thanks for the report, users punished but see your proofs not all the users made fouls T/C Topic Closed
  10. HB in Spawn // ACv1 // ReDGH0STYT

    Is clear for me ZengZ, thanks for the reporting and sorry for the delay T/C Topic Closed
  11. HB in spawn #3 - Ac v1

    User Punished, thanks for the report T/C Topic Closed
  12. Report

    Hi, sorry for the delay, and thanks form the reporting useres punished And i dont see any proof of Quiroga if you have the proof, Pm me T/C Topic Closed
  13. HB in Spawn 7th Offense // IPedrito // ACv1

    User punished, thanks for the reporting (Sorry for the delay) T/C Topic Closed
  14. Swearing/Caps/Spam // iTomiiCBA // Skywars

    Sorry for the delay, User muted, thanks for the reporting T/C Topic Closed
  15. Blowing Up Teammates // iiTzPaquin_ // CTW

    Sorry for the delay, user punished and thanks for the reporting T/C Topic Closed