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  1. Smoke in spawn

  2. Hacked Client (Proofs) + Wool Bug [CTW]

    Punished And this time also for hacked client.
  3. Bug Abuse - Wool Bug [CTW]

    Hi, as I told you in the last post, the hacked client has to be recorded, if not, we can't be ban him for that, only for the bug abuse. Punsihed
  4. Hacked Client - AutoClicker + Wool Bug [CTW]

    I can only see the bug abuse, for the autolcicker you must record a video for it. Punished
  5. Wool Bug Abuser

    Punished that's ironic, he's called Staff_DontBeBad, and he do something illegal, lol.
  6. Which password is the server requiring?

    Can any forum moderator move this to Tekkit technical support? T/C.
  7. All bugs in CTW

    Hi, as you said, we already have a list of all the bugs. We really apreciate your effort to make this comunity better and clear of bugs.
  8. IDEA for Craftersland.

    There are few mods that give you the chance of playing with animatons and mechanics of 1.7, for example J3ulimate and LabyMod. I'm currently using J3Ulimate as I love the animations of 1.7 and few other things, but many of the actual plugins are not compatible with 1.7 versions.
  9. Respawn Cooldown - CTW (Sadly For Campers :)

    Alright, you don't want to wait 5 seconds, but if you kill someone while going to the wool, would you like that the same player you killed, kill you after 2 seconds of being killed? I think that's a pain as you may killed him but he also damaged you, so he will respawn with the whole life and he also has more chances to kill you because of the before taken damage. But in the killed point of view, it's also a pain that you were trying to kill someone that was going to the wool but he kills you, and then you will have to wait 3 seconds until respawning and try to kill him again. Yes, I know it is a pain, but you also have to understand that if he kills you, at least give him more time to have a little chance to get that wool and you for sure are not the only one who will try to kill him, so I think that's fair for both of the players. Conclusion: Not having a delay between spawnings, it's to cheap for the killed one, but a pain for the killer, but the killed will also have to kill few more players between you, so it's fair enough. That't my opinion, if you have something to add, or something to argue, reply by quoting me and refering to each thing.
  10. Reports- Assassins

    His name in Hak3n, I'd punish him but I can't join now.
  11. REPORT - CTW

    Users punished
  12. Report - Taking armor from own wool.

    Users punished except Twynics, he threw that armor when he relized it was taken from their own wool.
  13. Premium perks

    He got everything else. I helped him with this topic, but he did it in the wrong section. Can any forum moderator move this to network technical support? Thanks.
  14. hb spawn

    Added 6d to his last ban.
  15. smoke spawn