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  1. Hi, about the flying complaint, he's not flying, it's a bug that sometimes happnen with the assassination plugin or something like that, the anticheat works great, at least on Ac v1. And the hb, I can't see him using it at you, so if you have any other screenshot, send it please.
  2. Font size edited to 12 and removed the blue color, it's kinda annoying with it.
  3. Kicked! T/C.
  4. Warned! T/C.
  5. Punished! T/C.
  6. That's the second time you are asking for an unban request with no arguments.
  7. Users punished! T/C.
  8. Punished! T/C.
  9. Warned! T/C.
  10. Users punished! T/C.
  11. Users punished! T/C.
  12. Already punished! T/C.
  13. Well, what I can see is that he's breaking the path to the wools, so that's helping his team. Not punished! T/C.
  14. Punished! T/C.
  15. Users punished! T/C.