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  1. Yep, I'll edit your topic when I get a chance. I'll try to translate it as good as possible.
  2. I'll give you a hand with the spanish part, great job Jim :3.
  3. Unban - Zawita

    Hi! Please just wait for Cuadroto's reply, this may take some time.
  4. Do you think of a new spawn for assasings v1?

    Yes, only staff members (Judges or higher ranks).
  5. BUMP: Sneak Peek

    Punished. T/C.

    Do you have some other proofs? I can't see him trolling in this two videos :/
  8. Unban Request

    Outdated, already unbanned. T/C.
  9. Trade Room

    Done: http://imgur.com/a/81xio T/C.
  10. Edit or change ACV1 world

    You asked for it, you got it!. Done. T/C.
  11. Report

    Greetings. Can you share us some proofs of it? I mean, your reporting them without an evidence, so, if you have some screenies or a video, feel free to share it with us.
  12. [unban] Suchson

    Okay, first things first... 1.-Some staff member shown up at your face, you didn't answered. First time I did that, you talked to me instantly, telling me that you had some troubles, so why this time I did the same you didn't talked to me?... 2.-I continued talking to you, you didn't answered me, then I moved you from your place, I expected, that if you weren't AFK, you will just tell me something and then go back again to your task, I waited for a few moment and that didn't happenned. After a while I moved you again, to see if you finally do something, I waited more than 1 min and you didn't move, talked, not even your head moved, you were standing at the same position as you were fishing. 3.- As you said, if someone, you or a member of your family, were helping you with the fishing thing, after I moved your character, your character should did something, like back to the task, answer in private chat, or asked in global who did it, but that didn't happenned.
  13. [unban] Suchson

    It's funny to see your arguments Suchson, you don't even noticed that you weren't at the same spot? Even if you or a member of your familiy (that I consider that dangerous for your account) would get back to fishing instantly, but no, your character just stayed stand up doing nothing. Macros can be using to do actions, I have a video, from a guy, buying and selling thing from the shop, if you can do that, then you can catch fishes with macros...
  14. [unban] Suchson

    Greetings. First of all I want to ask you, why if someone asks you something you're not answering? I mean, you're online, and maybe you're busy with your stuffs, but I talked to you too many times and you didn't answer me, what makes me think that you're AFK, then I saw you fishing, so if you're active while fishing, and there's no response from you, then for me, you're using Macros or a hacked client, now, tell me what is gonna be your reason for the unban. I know it's tiring to be here again, but you are not giving us a good explanation of your behavior.
  15. Unban

    This is our Discord server: https://discord.gg/U3KZF I also already answered you on your other topic, go check it. Don't re create closed topics. T/C.