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  1. T/C.
  2. Repito, lamentablemente para ti y todos los jugadores de "Captura La Lana" no hay otra manera de prevenir los hackers en el servidor, no hay la suficiente gente para cubrir los servidores. Por ende no se retirará el anti-cheat. Lamentamos el inconveniente. TRANSLATE: I repeat, unfortunatly for you and for all the players of CTW there's no other way to prevent the hackers on the server, that's why the anti-cheat it won't get retrieved. We're sorry for the inconvenience. T/C.
  3. That's another theme to talk about, just be patient until @brunyman to see this post to set your VIP rank on forums.
  4. @Joako4Ever Lamentablemente el servidor no cuenta con el personal suficiente para inspeccionar todas las partidas en cada uno de los 6 sub-servidores que tiene Captura La Lana, por ende el anti-cheat tiene que ser bastante estricto con todos los jugadores, comprendo tu situación, ya que yo he pasado por lo mismo aún siendo staff. Lamentamos que tengas que pasar por estas dificultades las cuales pueden ser realmente fastidiosas para tu diversión en el servidor. TRANSLATE: Unfortunatly the server doesn't have many staffs to inspect every single match on each one of the 6 sub-servers of CTW, that's why the anti-cheat has to be very strict with all the players, I understand your situation, cuz I've passed for it even being staff. We're so sorry of this, we know this could be very annoying for you and your fun in the server.
  5. nick: elpro64

    User punished. T/C.
  6. T/C.
  7. Topic moved to Network Unban Request Section.
  8. All of them punished. T/C.
  9. Thanks for reporting it and for donate to the server, please be patient until @brunyman see this post. Topic Moved to Network's Technical Support Section.
  10. T/C.
  11. T/C.
  12. Unban Request Dennied. T/C.
  13. What it's the purpose of making this topic? Applications has their section, so if you want to apply for being helper, go to the correct section and post in the topic. As this is an useless topic, I'll close it. T/C.
  14. We're having this issue with premium accounts in all the servers, please be patient, I bet brunyman is working to fix this.
  15. In which server happenned this? Seems to be for SkyFactory or Tekkit