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  1. Don't tag staff members on your topics, also, even if I'm a Forum Moderator, doesn't mean that I have access to set ranks on Forums or on the Server. You'll have to wait for the Owner or the Manager to see this post. And please be patient, this may take a while.
  2. Could you please make the list of what he lost? Cuz in some pics it's kind of difficult cuz idk if you were using the /invsee cmd. Also if he's online rn, I can refund him rn.
  3. Topic Moved to DW20 Server Problems Section.
  4. It doesn't matter how much money did you spend on the server, donating doesn't allow you to break the rules and scamming people, if we count all your acc and check every single ban of your accs. There's a lot of things that you did wrong. Also, don't recreate closed threads, or you may be warned on forums. Wait until your ban finishes and stop creating new topics.
  5. You're not acused of robbery, you're acused for scamming, check THIS post. Also, as you were talking about things of the real life (money, or things that you must pay with money IRL) it means that you deserve a permanent ban on all your accounts. I'm just waiting for the answer of higher staffs to approve it or not. Your ban stays and it can be longer, until I receive an answer for higher staffs. T/C.
  6. Refunded. T/C.
  7. Greetings. As some people wanted dyed armors, we thought it were a great idea to give/sell to ppl dyed armors. So will be fairly for everybody on the server, due to Sponsors, Premiums and VIP has their own advantages like /fly and other cmds. Also, why dyed armors are so important? I mean, doesn't gives you something special, or are more powerful as a diamond armor? Next time don't post on Technical Support section, as this is not related to an issue. Please create your posts on Network General Discussions, if you don't do it, you may get a forum warn. Topic moved to Network General Discussions.
  8. Greetings. I'll take care about this issue. User will be punished in somehow. I'll send you a PM to make a certain contact with you and help you with this. Since I'll take care about this, I'll close this topic. Wait for my PM, and try to answer quickly since I'm not all the day available. PS: Alright user CriticLC_ didn't came online to retrieve the stolen items. So I will have to ban him just like this way. User CriticLC_ punished for 14d (Must be PB) and iiCaroline has been refunded. T/C.
  9. Fixed. T/C.
  10. Yes it's is, you can report with every single name that you have on your multiple acc. Also if you need a transfer rank, or anything else you can do it with the same account, just be specific with the name that you're using or needs to transfer it.
  11. Also you have the option of changing your name on forums if you want to do it, so it's not necesary to create another account. If you want to change your name of forums follow this short tutorial.
  12. You received an answer from Powerwarp on Tuesday. And indeed you were doing ban evade, so... ban won't be removed until a higher staff member decide what to do with your situation.
  13. In which server do you play on?
  14. Follow the format/template for complaints as Jimmel and Fire said, otherwise your unban request won't be considered. T/C.
  15. Alrighty... Dyed rmors won't be given to Sponsors, that kind of items are for staffs. T/C.