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  1. CL had a MCPE server a few years ago.
  2. Please recreate this topic following the format/template for complaints. T/C.
  3. Anwered on this topic. T/C.
  4. Buenas. La próxima vez que quieras realizar una petición de Unban, hazlo AQUÍ. Siguiendo el correspondiente formato, que lo encuentras AQUÍ. Yo fui el GM+ que te metió a Jail por 30 minutos debido a que realmente estabas campeando. Estuve bastante tiempo observando las acciones que tomaban todos los jugadores como para no haberme percatado de que "te quedaste AFK" y posteriormente los mataste. Noté que te quedaste AFK, posteriormente mataste, caminaste un poco y continuaste quedandote en la entrada del spawn matando a todo aquel que comenzara a salir del mismo. El hecho de pretender conversar conmigo creandote otra cuenta no justifica el hecho de evadir el castigo, por lo mismo puse carteles en frente de la salida del spawn que notifican a los usuarios que no deben campear, carteles que puse antes de mandarte a jail. Podrás decir que el cartel está en inglés y por ello no puedes comprenderlo, no es excusa, ya que puse un segundo en español a un lado del primero. Además de que al haber baneado la primer cuenta que creaste, decidiste volver a crear otras 2 y hacer como que no eras tu mismo y no sabías nada del asunto, cosa que también es ilegal, ya que estás evadiendo el ban. Lamentablemente para ti, no se te removerá el ban, espero esto aclare tus dudas y no suceda de nuevo. Tu segunda oportunidad comenzará el día en que tu ban caduque. La próxima vez realiza tu post en Inglés, de lo contrario no será tomado en cuenta. TRANSLATE: Greetings Next time you want to do an unban request do it HERE. Following the correct format/template, you can find it HERE. I was the GM+ who jailed you for 30 minutes due to you in fact was camping. I stayed a long time watchin all the actions of the users to not noticed that "you went AFK" and then you killed them. I noticed that you were AFK, then you killed everyone who were near to you, then you walked a lil bit and then you continued stayin on the outside of the spawn, killing everyone who were leaving the safezone/spawn. The fact of pretending talking to me creating another account doesn't justify the fact of evade the punishment, for that reason I placed some signs in front of the spawn that notify users to not camping, signs that I placed after sending you to the jail. You can say that the sign is on english and that's why you understand it, but I placed another one on spanish, so it's not a excuse. So, after banning the first account that you made, you decided to create another 2 and pretending that it wasn't you and that you didn't knew nothing about the issue, that's illegal too, due to you're ban evading. Unfortunately for you, the unban won't be removed, I hope this can clear your doubts and won't happen again. Your second oportunity will begin the day when your unban expires. Next time do your post on English, otherwise will not be take in count. UNBAN REQUEST DENIED. T/C.
  5. That was only an idea for the spawn, maybe it was an idea after building the spawn that already have acv1. Note: If some user want to go to that spawn and got caught going there you will get a punishment, users can't leave the borders of the map (going through the lava).
  6. @minepro2 Even with that life, he should have the effects of the Poisoned HB, or he has to be pushed by the effect of the HB, which it's a sign of being hurt, or change the color of the skin to red due to he was receiving damage, and that didn't happenned. It's kind of confuse to see what happenned.
  7. @Terminator Yep, you're right about that, but if you watch the title of the topic, it says "hb in spawn", minepro2 just got confused about the hb and the smoke.
  8. Users Punished. T/C.
  9. @TerminatorYou have to watch again the video, if you watch closely, indeed patozombie7 threw something against (if I'm not wrong) it looks like to TheCryeZ, but there's some things to analyze. 1.- If the HB was a poisoned HB, why TheCryeZ wasn't dropping poisoned particles and being hurt by the poison? 2.-If the HB was a normal HB, why TheCryeZ wasn't got pushed by the hit of the arrow? Was he using Anti-Knockback at that moment? I'll let this topic openned to let some other staff to look at it and give us his opinion.
  10. T/C.
  11. Next time create your topic in the correct section: http://forum.craftersland.net/forum/150-complaints/ And follow the template: User won't be punished. Insufficient proofs. T/C.
  12. All Items of his chests in multi-accounts has been removed. He has been punished for 14 days due to he had an excessive amount of Illegal Items in multiple houses and protected lands. USER PUNISHED. T/C.
  13. luego te mando las fots

  14. Next time follow the template. If you don't know how to post on topics, check this TUTORIAL.