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  1. User punished, thanks for reporting. T/C
  2. Next time use the correct complaint template. User will be punished, thanks for reporting. T/C
  3. MrAle said in a PM that the complaint was not for him, but for someone else. Maybe it was a lie, but we cannot do anything until proven guilty. if you have any other proof send it in a PM. T/C
  4. T/C
  5. Bump the post only when 48 hours have passed please, and be patient.
  6. Next time put the "Name of the user you are complaining about:". User Punished. T/C
  7. User warned. T/C
  8. Users already warned verbally. T/C
  9. Hello, These pictures show me you used HB In safezone. Unban Request Denied T/C
  10. User Punished. T/C
  11. Users punished. Sorry for the delay. T/C
  12. T/C
  13. report

  14. Users punished, thanks for reporting. T/C
  15. User punished, thanks for reporting. T/C