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  1. Adrii

    Nostalgic times.

    Good old times hahaha that's mine lol, i wasnt even staff at that time
  2. Adrii


    Hi @Henk, my name is Adriiibr with 3 i, thanks
  3. Adrii


    Hi, id like to have my sponsor on assassins, thanks.
  4. Adrii

    I want a problem with the range

    No problem. Solved, this post can be closed.
  5. Adrii

    I want a problem with the range

    Oh vale, lo que tienes que hacer es ir AQUI y crear un nuevo post con el titulo [Rank reactivation] Spawn100 y alli poner esto: Hi, I'd like to have my rank reactivated as it got deleted after the pure survival wipe. The rank is premium+, thanks in advance.
  6. Adrii

    I want a problem with the range

    man just say it in spanish and ima translate it cause i'm about to burn my eyes dilo en español yo lo traduzco
  7. Adrii

    I want a problem with the range

    nono why would you want a problem lol? haha i wanna burn my eyes
  8. Adrii

    New level system

    I love this one, and yeah its a great idea
  9. Adrii

    Network Servers are 1.13.1 Compatible!

    I'm hyped for AssassinS update
  10. Adrii

    ACv2 Money problems.

    I think you'll have to wait until the real version is out or maybe not, who knows, but I'm pretty sure you'll.
  11. Adrii

    I'm back on Track

    Welcome back!
  12. Adrii

    Crafter's Land Newsletter | July 2018

    It would be really awesome if all of this happens the next month!
  13. Adrii

    [Command request] Adriiibr

    bump ps: im not sure who closed this post but i asked to reopen it as it's not done

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