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  1. Refund Request

    Send me a msg when you can join.
  2. [Refund Request] Frxn

    Tell me in msg when you're able to join.
  3. [Command Request] (iiTzWolfMcKing_)

    I think it's not really necessary, and as Henk said, you need sponsor to ask for commands.
  4. [Command Request] iiTzArismaltor_

    Hi, to ask for commands you need sponsor.
  5. [Rollback Request]

    Moved to infinity evolved tech support.
  6. New to Craftersland!!

    Welcome, I hope you have a great time playing here together with your daughter!
  7. [Refund Request] Frxn

    @Frxn can you join now?
  8. [UHC]Lexylelelele

    Really nice idea! It may brings more people to network. I'd love to see it implemented!
  9. [Presentation] iiTzArismaltor_

  10. [Rollback Request]AnnoyingGalaxyZ

    Moved to infinity evolved technical support.
  11. Update on my status.

    Hi, first of all, welcome back! You've got very good ideas but the problem is that we had a lot of trouble in a past with admins with many permissions who screwed up the server, so since then, we've got less permissions and it's really hard to get all the trust from bruny or power. About the maps That's really true, I think taking a look and adding them wouldn't be much of a problem, it could really make people more interested on CTW and skywars as they would see updates and see the server in constant updatings.
  12. Goodbye Crafter's

    This is really shocking. After so many years being such an impotant part for this comunity I thought you would never leave. But I can also understand that you're tired after so many years of work. You've been a really important person of this comunity for lots of years, and I can say for all of us, thank you for everything you've done for this great comunity, for the users and staff members. You've earned all of our respect. I remember when I first joined the staff, but... before that, came the application and the interview. I still can remember every word I said on the interview, I was kinda nervous, and you looked so much a chill person, I could appreciate that at the very first sentence you said, you were so calmed that even calmed me too. Then, I kept winning your trust and climbing through ranks, until I got GM+, at that moment, I completed all my goals in this comunity but also created even more. I don't know what else to add here, I just want to thank you for everything you've done for this comunity and for the users on it. You've put so much effort on this comunity which will never be forgotten, and I know that everyone appreciate it as much as I do. Hope to see you around and maybe back someday. AdriStrike

    Hi, you can ask for a password reset HERE using THIS template.
  14. kit potion bug

    Sorry, I couldn't find any way to make them spash without removing the other effects.

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