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  1. I need help

    Stats are not going to be tranferes as they are illegitimaly achieved.
  2. My Account Got Hacked And Items Are Gone.

    Everything refunded.
  3. My Account Got Hacked And Items Are Gone.

    Can you join now? @Carma1
  4. [powerwarp] [Fame]

    As I said before, he needs proofs to confirm that the account is yours, so why instead of bumping it, dont you edit your post and read before comments?
  5. Bug

    Hi, this should get fixed after the restart, and if it doesnt, then try to type fast /spawn.
  6. Troll in hiipo :c

  7. Troll in hiipo :c

    Can you join now @MeJorge?
  8. [powerwarp] [Fame]

    I guess that's what he said, so it could be helpful.
  9. sasuke0711 Command Request @brunyman @powerwarp

    When he does a rollback, he select the chunks that he wants to roll back, then download them and make the rollabck, so noone else get affected by it.
  10. sasuke0711 Command Request @brunyman @powerwarp

    Hi, as have been said few times before, the Wold Edit command is not given anymore because of some trouble that we had in a mooded server, so i dont think that it will be possible. Anyways, this is up to powerwarp or brunyman.
  11. Re-ban @Aduanich

    If im not wrong he bought an unban.
  12. Wool Bug Abuse // RogelioleHD // CTW

  13. [powerwarp][Prefix]

    I my opinion, he indirectly said that you'll have to buy a new one to edit you current prefix, I also think that it's normal cause if you get tired of a prefix, you can always ask for a new nametag without paying anything, so you will have to buy a new prefix.
  14. [Reactivate Sponsor + Prefix]

    topic closed
  15. Smoke in Spawn // ACv1 // jherick