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  1. [Refund Request] milangopali

  2. [Refund Request] milangopali

    Alright, I'll give you the items as soon as I join.
  3. [Refund Request] milangopali

    First of all you should change your password, because if you don't, he'll keep stealing your things and you'll keep doing refund requests.
  4. Report - CTW

    That's not really spam, he said it spearately as you can see.
  5. Report - CTW

    Well, that's not breaking any rules at all, as he's not really spamming it. Not sure if he's saying easy in general so in my opinion he's not branking any rules at all. I'll leave this post opened, so if you want to explain me better if he was saying easy to the other team or just as a joke.
  6. [Refund Request] ReimolonCOD

    Refunded and rank added!
  7. Staff members' skins :)

    It looks really cool man . I'll use that skin again, I changed it cause I was tired of it and as I didn't have any idea I just painted all of it black and made him an ugly face.

    I'm scared some1 help me please
  9. hi!

  10. Ban Evading

  11. Report bb

    Users banned
  12. Innapropiate name :v

  13. New ACv1 city: Imperium, the templar city

    No, it's not finished yet and it's meant to be closed but as we were testing everything we forgot it. @Henk or @Yusixs has to set your VIP rank here.
  14. Report 7u7

    All of them banned!

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