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    PapaMaoDONG reacted to EPICfighters in [Package Reactivation] PapaMaoDONG   
    Reactivation Complete.
    Since the package is a set tag and colour, it will stay as that colour, since that what the package is. Sorry.
  2. Thanks
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to eytixis in [rollback] bananaawesome03   
    Moved to RLC Tech Support
  3. Haha
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to ASOOD in [complaint] bananaawesome03   
    anyways, the player kingcrisi has been punished according to the following Rules: Rule 5 - TP killing and Rule 11 - Abuse of Magic, after investigating the Evidence 
  4. Cookie
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to sonyx in spawn killers - pedrusgostation (i am the one posting not killing)   
    Moved to RLCrafts complaints
  5. Thanks
    PapaMaoDONG got a reaction from Anacromacia in animals   
    @kwekman , please use the following template so I can clearly see what I need to refund you.
  6. thonk
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to Obeliske in I would like to see Mining world randomized   
    I'm going to be honest I'm not sure why this is a thing, but Mining World when reset is a literal copy of itself. I would suggest it be randomized for a large number of reasons
    -Being non-randomized benefits long term players over new ones as long term players will have waypoints set already to all the ore veins. This is problematic as it makes it harder for new players to get the easy close by nodes they need to progress as older players already having the waypoints will have mined out the easy to reach nodes.
    -Non-randomized means that I may go and WP every village in Mining world and loot them upon reset meaning it's that much harder for various things that spawn in villages (ie, various witchery books) meaning an older player can corner the market on these types of materials and prevent fresher players from breaking into it as easily.
    -Non-randomized world means that some biomes will never spawn (my girl asked me if there was an ocean biome for instance and I've been all over but am unaware of any)
    -Randomized Biomes promote exploration of the world rather then players going directly from A to B
    -I personally believe in selling information, when I get some good info I pay for it and I like to sell WP to ore veins, that's impossible to do if the world is set
    -According to my girl the exploration is part of the fun and experience of the game

    When I go mining an ore vein I take my lunch box a quarter stack of ingots a repair table and a couple stacks of torches. I don't really have to do these things thanks to the /home and back commands but when I go mining I don't want to be interrupted. I do my thing and I go home. I want to really experience the whole game and a large part of that is exploration and I think that random mining world really promotes that. I really think the server would benefit from players slowing down and enjoying their time here, that's the point of Minecraft, somebody actually came to my base and gave me shit for making it look nice last night because I'm not rushing the end game stuff so I must not be efficient and that got me thinking about exactly what kind of players benefit both the game and the server in general. When I started the server was almost dead and I had long periods of time on my own on the server to explore and learn things and I miss that tbh. I think it's an important aspect of the game. Especially if regular world isn't going to be reset again for a long time I think it's important to give players something to explore and mining world could very well be it.
  7. Like
    PapaMaoDONG got a reaction from GuyFoxy in Just a question   
    Tele camping can fall in under the next offense:
    [5] No PvPing with creative, god, fly, OP spawned items:
    1st offense = Kick with Warning. 2nd offense = Jailed 60 minutes. 3rd offense = 1 days ban. 4th offense = 2 days ban. No PvP Scamming / use of creative healing or OP creative enchants.  Arguments over breaking PvP conditions may result in one or all parties being punished.
    It can also be a violation of this rule:
    [14] No Scamming:
    1st offense = Jail 30 minutes. 2nd offense = 2 days ban. 3rd offense = 7 days ban. 4th offense = 14 days ban.  
    So yeah, ''tele-camping'' is prohibited.
  8. Like
  9. Cookie
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to EPICfighters in Top Voters | December 2020   
    Notice: You must be active during the voting period to gain the Top Voter rank. If you are not an active player, then the next player will get the rank. Congratulations to all the Top Voters!!
    A special congratulations to ViroCMN for being a Top Voter from December 2019 to December 2020!!
    A special congratulations to freeq81 for being amongst the Top Voters from January 2020 to December 2020!! Although you missed out September by lacking 1 vote, you have still been voting every day for the past year.
    Congratulations to Nikkinz for being a Top Voter for the 4rd consecutive time!
    The December Top Voters are:
    Continuum: Nikkinz, ProfessorBear404
    Direwolf20 1.12: LordWarlock
    Direwolf20 1.7: ViroCMN
    Dungeons Dragons and Space Shuttles: freeq81
    GregTech New Horizons: BradleyTd89, Derp
    Infinity Evolved: MasterMAS
    Interactions: VladoSIO2
    MCEternal: masaki2
    Network: juannatony
    OmniFactory: Skarniginin
    Pixelmon: Daredevil23sky
    Revelation: PlayerShadow
    RLCraft: C_L_A
    Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons: kwekman
    SkyAdventures: 12InchFinch
    Skyfactory 2.5: xAbildgaardx12
    Skyfactory 3: Jafbeast
    Skyfactory 4: Sareena
    Project Ozone 3: Wippi81
    Stoneblock 2: daehniks
    Tekkit: cabalmaster
    Ultimate Reloaded: GonzoGongas, Niightingale, Nieeek On behalf of all the staff, a big thank you to everyone who voted for our servers!!
    Enjoy your new rank in-game! Best of luck to everyone on becoming next month's Top Voter!
    Ranks will be given after this post. If there are any problems please reply with a mention or message me directly on Discord.
    If there are any problems, please contact me on discord. EPICfighters -> Jord#7794
  10. thonk
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to ASOOD in [Inv Rollback Request] ASOOD   
    Your Name: ASOOD
    Coordinates: in the End dim, lost the coords 
    Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine, including timezone) (day/month/year): it was find on 6:05 pm (UTC+2) Jan, 9 2021
    Description of Issue: i died in the same spot multiple times, when i managed to survive for a few minutes to break all the garves, I found that the grave that had my items in it didn't have all of them, i lost my 2 backpacks which both of them were full of items i can't remember all of them
    Screenshots (Optional): 
  11. thonk
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to Kiyanox in [Inventory Rollback Request]Kiyanox   
    Your Name: Kiyanox
    Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine, including timezone): 8th January 2020, 11:30pm UTC+1
    Description of Issue: Someone spawned in tons of Backpacks with Creative Items inside. Unfortunately, it was the same type as mine. So i voided these spawned in Bags and my own.
    Screenshots (Optional): 
  12. thonk
    PapaMaoDONG got a reaction from ASOOD in [Package Reactivation] PapaMaoDONG   
  13. Haha
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to Pretty in Town Rollback Request   
    i played for 1,5 week lol
  14. thonk
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to Theft69 in [Item Refund Request] Scriding   
    I Stole everything from you, Im sure you didint have 250 Crate keys and 50 Legendary keys... Sorry ¯\_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯
  15. thonk
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to xtomyserrax in [Command Request] - Matix1000   
    Because of your behaviour WE should be denied, but other perms could be assigned.
  16. Thanks
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to Anacromacia in [Refund Request] kwekman   
    you are an absolute godsend. Have a wonderful new year
  17. Thanks
    PapaMaoDONG got a reaction from Anacromacia in [Refund Request] kwekman   
    Placed the items in your inventory, please reply if everything is alright.
  18. Cookie
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to Reverser in End Portal Broke   
  19. Cookie
    PapaMaoDONG got a reaction from ASOOD in Fly Hacker (ToastyMami)   
    Player has been punished according to the rules. Thanks on reporting and providing evidence.
    Topic closed
  20. thonk
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to ASOOD in [Name Fix] ASOOD   
    Don't know if there's a specific template for this, but I'll follow the usual things.
    In-game name: ASOOD
    Description of the issue: I bought the 2021 kit recently and my name got messed up, I have a S+ rank and the Frosty kit too so it should be something like this:
    Proof of purchase: Transaction ID: 9U115780J76114515
  21. thonk
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to Mr__Toasty__Buns in Dragon dissappearing while im flying it   
    Ah whoops forgot to mention I placed them in your inventory 😅 
  22. Cookie
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to Mr__Toasty__Buns in Dragon dissappearing while im flying it   
    Egg and dragon meals (spoke with a few people in game, they said it was a stage 3?) refunded. We'll leave this open in case anything is not correct. Let us know!
  23. Thanks
    PapaMaoDONG got a reaction from Anacromacia in [Refund Request] kwekman   
    Sorry, I did some things last night and I got carried away with something else. I'll edit this topic when I refund you all of the items ASAP.
  24. Like
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to ASOOD in [Refund Request] Minecraftguy_9   
    Since this is also a duplicated post, it'll be closed
  25. Sad
    PapaMaoDONG reacted to CptDishonored_ in [Refund request] CptDishonored   
    To whoever is reufnding this request the armor is all masterful and the tools are all legendary. Thanks and sorry for the mass amount of enchantments 😛
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