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  1. If you want your request to be evaluated use the template.
  2. If you want to even be eligible for this request use the template and state the server on which you want to request said commands.
  3. Hello there, Try using this
  4. Hello there, One hundred thousand $ is a high amount and that is an odd way of losing it, you'll have to provide proof.
  5. So, the ban will be 16 days from now, 14 days for the initial punishment (1d passed), 2 days for the bypass and 1 day for the threats. Next time you'll try anymore stunts like this it will not end this well. @CirlceStrafing_ This is not a joke, anymore comments like that will be punished, don't interfere with staff business. T/C
  6. You'll have to use /login password or if you haven't already /register password password
  7. name change

    Town rank fixed and money added, for the rank transfer make a post here T/C
  8. Remake your post using this template, in this category
  9. Perms added, please use on small areas.
  10. @brunymanAt the point that they made their applications they didn't even bother to join the server. @xKayoZzGx@minepro2@JordanSG@Sofia Gonzalez
  11. Make your post here and use the template:
  12. Brunyman is currently working on a 1.10 modded server, but it might take a while until it is released to the public.