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  1. Yeet


    T/C please don’t make useless retirements 

  2. So long partner 😔 GL ar Uni o/

  3. @EPICfighters @brunyman Pong sorry aha
  4. friendly TIP /powertool delete while holding a item with a powertool bound will remove it
  5. Confirmed with user rollback was successful T/C
  6. I'll let the manager know of this issue and hopefully it'll be fixed soon Thanks for reporting this issue to us.
  7. OwO

  8. As stated in the rules Console clients can be used with scripts to relog, anti-afk, chunk load, move, etc. Hence why we do not allow them :3
  9. Is this tekkit or infinity evolved or direwolf 1.12,2
  10. Account Name: LeRammaRank: Sponsor +Requested Commands^: /thruReason for Request*: So I can warp through walls, and it's a pretty handy command Permission Node: nucleus.thru.base :3 T/C ~ Thanks Yusixs ❤️
  11. Player made refund request and was refunded. T/C
  12. Make sure to spam join, it’ll allow you to connect then! T/C
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