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  1. Hi, no I don't think so - sorry. I appreciate your interest though. Due to unforeseen circumstances the project will be postponed until further notice.
  2. Thanks, me too!
  3. Hello Crafter's, I've made the forum for the community server, and added the package to Buy Craft to purchase membership. I think from now on we will move the discussion over there. I have decided to go with RR3 (Resonant Rise 3) - I honestly have no idea how this is going to work out, we may not get very many players at all, but I think it would be nice to make a server with a few others for a change :P. We will start from scratch, which includes making the spawn, rules, shops etc. So getting a membership now would allow you to leave your mark! . I also want to do some pass giveaways, but for now we will wait and see and try to get the server off it's feet first. If you have Ayn questions/suggestions put them down below! Some of the main features / perks will be: Less lag More resources No /gm 1 A server built and constantly developing by everyone involved. A (hopefully) friendly atmosphere I look forward to seeing you on the server! Here is where you can buy a pass: http://arche.buycraft.net/category/961379 Previous Topics:
  4. Okay guys, my exams are finally over! I'm going to start work on the server now and the pack will be RR3. With regards to the length of time we have the pack on for, that will be up to all of us :P. So, it could be 6 months - it could be a year, it just depends on what we're all thinking. Anyone who plays will be able to make suggestions, and will be able to vote on them :).
  5. Noo way did you come back!! Welcome back man!
  6. poll and vote

    Price increased to 250. Let me know how this plays out over the next week - more adjustments can be made if necessary.
  7. poll and vote

    Next time I speak to brunyman I will bring this up, very sorry for the wait.
  8. Every time we unban you, you continue to be a nuisance and break the rules. If you don't know what you have done wrong, look at your 6 page punishment history on our BanList. TC.
  9. Sorry but that it the old sponsor colour, so won't be changed. TC
  10. discussion

    Really like the ideas, but short of time right now, will make a full reply at the weekend.
  11. I've got exams till the end of the month, so going to start work on it once I've finished.
  12. Think you were doing this for attention more than anything else, so you aren't any real threat to the sever. You won't be perm banned, it will be up to skilande to decide how long your IP ban will be.
  13. Yes cracked players will be able to play
  14. Welcome back. Join now.
  15. Please check your PM!