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  1. [unban] Suchson

    Stop wasting our time, and drop the attitude. If youre not going to respond to a staff member in game what do you expect? Ban stays. Tc.
  2. Random Thoughts

    That complete inner peace like igy
  3. Rank on Ac v1 resetted (for ArisPvP_gr)

    I can't do anything about it, sorry. Only brunyman can.
  4. Random Thoughts

    you been chillin for a while
  5. [AC v1] Dealing with Spawn camping.

    Sorry for my late reply, the week really went by slowly . I do believe that something should be done- it clearly is a big problem and scares new players away. The issue is how do we solve it, as all of these ideas do have flaws, except for your regions solution - but realistically I don't know if brunyman will add this in before the AC update, as he is busy with other server issues. What I think we need is a more simple, temporary fix, and then try and move onto a more complex solution - like your region idea. The problem with increasing the safe zone size would mean that we would have to edit the map (remove loot and maybe some houses), which would decrease the map size, squashing players in a bit. Moreover, it wouldn't fix the problem entirely, as max-players could just jump around on top of the buildings in the safe zone and track players until they cross, which leads to a bit of confusion when punishing for spawn camping, as they would be constantly moving. Although there are a fair amount of issues, it does seem the most logical non-perminant fix right now, but I don't know if it is going to make it worse. I will speak to brunyman and try get his approval, we can trial it out for a week and see how it goes. Throughout the week if you have any suggestions, issues or concerns put them into this topic. Thanks for your work Jim, and everyone who replied to this topic. I have also moved it into suggestions. Let's see how this plays out, I will keep you updated.
  6. [Delete History]

    No, sorry. Ban history is there for a reason. TC.
  7. Helper Problem

    Sorry but I am on holiday till the 13th, so won't close the applications till after I have returned to full activity. Don't worry if you get accept we will wait for you to come back :).
  8. Status: Applications are now opened. Rank Information: Prefix: [Helper] Permissions: Moderate and reply to Direct Support tickets. Access to private Staff Chat. Issue warnings to players. Low amounts of moderation in the network forum. Responsibilities: Assist and advise players with issues and report problems to higher staff. You must also behave in a way that accurately reflects our community values, as you are representing Crafter’s Land! Requirements: - At least 8 hours of activity per week. - Minecraft knowledge. - Maturity and team work capacity. - Exceptional knowledge of the Server Rules. - The ability to speak and understand English properly. If your post gets hidden, it means you don't meet our requirements. Please reply in Blue. ----------------------------------- 1. Personal Information Name: Age/Sex: Minecraft username: Skype username + Discord ID: Do you have a microphone?: Playtime hours per day: Do you think you can meet our requirements?: Can you understand and make yourself clear in English?: Country + Time Zone: ----------------------------------- 2. Staff Knowledge What can you offer us as a Helper?: Have you had any past experience?: What do you value in a good Staff Member?: Two players are fighting in global chat, using excessive caps and vulgar language, what do you do?: ----------------------------------- 3. Motivation Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff?: What are your expectations from us?: Why are you interested in our servers and community?: ----------------------------------- 4. Minecraft Experience When did you start playing Minecraft?: Do you have premium or cracked account ?: When did you start playing on Craftersland?: Have you ever been banned?: ----------------------------------- 5. Other relevant information This is your chance to impress us. Write about yourself, your dedication to Minecraft or anything you find relevant for us to know. Good Luck!
  9. Command Request

    Added, please note abuse will lead to bans
  10. I dont now my password any more cane you help me?


    1. Yusixs


      Hey there, sorry for the extremely late reply, I rarely check other people's profiles. Anyways let's get on with the issue

      For a password reset you need to create a topic here http://forum.craftersland.net/forum/222-password-reset/ while following the appropriate template 

       When you have made your topic, brunyman should see and reset your password during maintenance days (Mondays and Fridays). Hopefully this helps if you ever log in the forums again :P.

  11. Unban Kratostt

    join now
  12. can you go to mi rank transfer


  13. (VIP forum tag needed)

  14. Unban Kratostt

    What was your old in game name? The one with the bought ranks.
  15. Chri99xzo rank bug