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  1. Can you please post a screenshot of your review? I tried finding it on the website and editing your comment but no review with your name is listed there. Also brunyman, his IGN is Mixedme
  2. Confirmed from player in discord, ME drives etc are restored. Topic Closed
  3. My Eid isn't going as good as I wished it to be. Even if I was happy for a slightest moment it would've been enough to make me remember it as a "Good Eid". Stuff happens and it wasn't the right time for it to happen. Hope you enjoy your Eid
  4. Khair mubarak @Sabeeh is also a pakistani just like us. Have a great celebration during Eid man
  5. Moved to Network Complaints.
  6. Hope your exams went well aswell! Really looking forward to this community server with all this motivation
  7. Thanks for the kind words :]. It really means alot
  8. Yeah, I'm not so sure why there was a massive rollback for merely what was thought to be a crash-loop. So you want a refund request correct? If so comment down the items you lost in a list with the quantity number, the list you made above is a bit confusing due to missing quantity of certain items
  9. Refunded, Sorry for the inconvenience. Topic Closed!
  10. Hey, for a rollback request you must follow this template http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/15503-template-rollback-request/ . Just edit your topic and include the format in. But that is going to take 4 days as Maintenance was just done yesterday. So, would you like a refund instead? I'll start doing it as soon as I read your reply. P.s If you're going with the refund, can you do it like this(Mentioned below)? Some of the items you mentioned dont have a quantity value unfortunately 64 x Stone 64 x Dirt
  11. Hi, what do you mean the other one wasn't working? Did you not get the money? If so, reviews are done on maintenance days (Mondays and Fridays) and that's when you get the money. If not, can you explain this situation a bit further? Thanks
  12. brunyman

    He has it
  13. Hi, try breaking and replacing the ME Drives as sometimes there's a visual bug with peoples ME system which makes it looks like they dont have anything in their ME Drives. Also please break the drives 1 at a time to avoid crashing your client and inventory
  14. Do you perhaps remember the items you had before dying? I don't have island bypass permissions but I can refund you the lost items